(Quercus spp.)

Whole cities get named after them (Oakland, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks…) and rightfully so. Native oaks evolved to thrive in dry environments, and many natives can successfully grow underneath them. Oaks are also one of the most important species for biodiversity, with over 270 species relying on them for habitat.

Height: 25-50 feet
Width: 15 feet
Sun Exposure: Part shade to full sun
Water Requirements: Low
Soil: Tolerates a variety of soils but prefers a deep, well-draining loam
Bloom Period: Winter, Spring


  • Biodiversity superstar
  • Thrives in dry environments
  • Hardy and easy to grow
Quercus douglasii - Blue oak
Quercus douglasii - Blue oak
Quercus agrifolia - Coast live oak