(Monardella spp.)

California mints make wonderful accents and border plants. These evergreen, perennial herbs are low-growing and complement nearly any design. Summer brings rounded clusters of bright lavender or pink flowers. In addition to attracting pollinators, their leaves are often fragrant and edible. Mints do well in containers and as filler in narrow, partly-shady beds, between walls and walkways, or as seasonal ground cover. They are drought-tolerant and do well in a variety of soils, making them a strong option for any native garden.

Height: 2 feet
Width: 3 feet
Sun Exposure: Part shade to full sun
Water Requirements: Very low
Soil: Tolerates a variety of soils
Bloom Period: Summer


  • Pollinator all-star
  • Smells heavenly
  • Dynamic beauty
Monardella villosa - coyote mint
Monardella macrantha - red mint