(Ribes spp.)

Currants are stunning shrubs that thrive in shade. Flower tassels adorn the plant in early spring, followed by scalloped, deep green leaves. It has an upright vase shape with arching branches. The flowers are an excellent nectar source for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds while the deep purple fruits are enjoyed by birds. Its rigorous nature makes it easy to grow, and the berries are edible! Currants are a great understory plant under oaks and can be grown in containers.

Height: 3-8 feet
Width: 4-5 feet
Sun Exposure: Part shade to full sun
Water Requirements: Low
Soil: Tolerates a variety of soils
Bloom Period: Winter, Spring


  • Perfect for shade
  • Hardy shrub
  • Pairs well with oaks
Ribes mancaceum - Chapparal currant
Rubes aureum - Golden currant
Ribes viburnifolium - Catalina currant