(Clarkia spp.)

Clarkias are easy-to-grow annuals with charismatic flowers. The spring blooms range in color from white, pale pink, salmon, and magenta on stems 1–3 feet tall. They typically bloom at the end of the wildflower season, hence their common name “Farewell-to-Spring”. While drought-tolerant, give it moderate water for the best flowering display. Expect it to reseed.

Height: 1-3 feet
Width: 1-3 feet
Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade Water Requirements: Low
Soil: Tolerates sandy and clay soils
Bloom period: Spring


  • Showstopping flowers
  • Easy to grow
  • Insta-wildflower meadow
Clarkia amoena with grindelia
Clarkia concinna - Red ribbons
Clarkia rubicunda - Ruby chalice