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Bloom! California

Native plants for a bright tomorrow

Created by the California Native Plant Society

Hello, industry partners

Join our 3-year campaign to help boost the sale of specialty crop California native plants! You’ll be playing a key role in this first-of-its-kind, statewide campaign while gaining access to campaign marketing materials and increasing your revenue!

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What is Bloom! California?

The California Native Plant Society has launched a statewide campaign to boost the sale of  California native specialty crop plants by 20% in volume over the next three years.

The campaign — Bloom! California: Native plants for a bright tomorrow — is funded by a Specialty Crop Block Grant and is the first project of its kind in the state.

We need passionate folks just like you.

We are currently in phase 1 of the campaign which means we are actively recruiting partners. If you own, operate, manage, or work for a California-based nursery or retailer with an interest in seeing California native plants become more prevalent in backyards and gardens across the state, we need you!

While the campaign will be primarily focused on nurseries and other retailers, we are also looking for key opportunities that might exist with wholesalers, growers, and others who have the ability to move large numbers of plants and increase the campaign’s ability to reach the 20% threshold.

With this in mind, our campaign will only be as strong as our participants, meaning that we’ll be relying on nursery and industry partners to serve as campaign ambassadors to promote the uniqueness and importance of California native plants.

How do partners benefit?

  • Increased sale of native plants means increased revenue for participating businesses,
  • Shared branded campaign materials for your website, social media, and nursery point-of-sale will highlight your participation in this statewide effort,
  • A digital campaign and online hub for campaign resources will bring your business increased visibility throughout the campaign’s duration (2 ½ years),
  • Access to our network of CNPS staff
  • Influence. Your input and feedback will directly impact the campaign.

Partner with us to help Bloom! California

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Frequently asked questions

Meet the plants

Bloom! California includes a number of different species and cultivars from the following California native specialty crops.

Bouteloua gracilis - blue gamma grass. Credit Betty Young.
Achillea millefolium. Credit Betty Young.

How were the plants selected?

CNPS worked with a stakeholder group of nurseries, growers, scientists, and landscape experts to select native plants from the specialty crop list that meet the following criteria:

  • Consumer-friendly (good grower supply and successful in home landscapes)
  • Strong opportunity to increase sales broadly
  • Variety of species that do well across various California locations
  • Low risk to wild plant populations (disease or genetics)
  • High habitat value

Get in touch

Reach out to  Ann-Marie Benz at with any questions. We look forward to partnering!