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Native Plants for a
Bright Tomorrow

More and more Californians are choosing native plants for their gardens. Why? Native plants have a beauty unique to California, are climate conscious and provide invaluable habitat for the butterflies, birds and other wildlife that share our home.

The California Native Plant Society is launching Bloom! California, a statewide campaign increasing native plant sales throughout our state’s built environment — from backyard gardens to city parks to business fronts and more.

This fall, join the chorus of Californians that are growing native plants in gardens, yards, balconies and containers. Together, we can grow a bright tomorrow with the beauty, resilience and habitat power of native plants!

How do I Bloom! California?

It’s both empowering and inspiring to know that whoever we are, wherever we are, we can make a difference through native plant gardening. Bloom! California provides a direct entry point for Californians just like you to make a difference.

Starting this fall, visit over 100 participating nurseries near you to purchase our select native plants for your garden or outdoor space!

Want to get started now? Meet our 11 selected plant groups below to begin envisioning your perfect native plant garden.

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Meet the Plants

Bouteloua gracilis - blue gamma grass. Credit Betty Young.
Achillea millefolium. Credit Betty Young.

Meet our Partners

Over 100 nurseries and growers have joined the Bloom! California campaign to offer you select native plants, starting this fall.

Why native plants?

  • Bring California’s beauty into your garden
  • Create habitat for butterflies, birds, and bees in your backyard
  • Bring nature into the urban landscape
  • Reconnect to your local environment through gardening
  • Grow your own climate solutions: native plants support water conservation, grow without added fertilizers or pesticides, and can sequester carbon!

Why these native plants?

The 11 native plant groups of Bloom! California are great choices for anyone’s garden!

  • Easy care: basic maintenance will keep gardens hassle-free
  • Statewide success: suited for the varying regions of California’s diverse ecosystem
  • Habitat power: attract butterflies, birds, bees and other wildlife that share our home

Get in touch

We are available for all your Bloom! California questions. To get in touch, please contact Ann-Marie Benz at abenz@cnps.org.

Industry Partners still wanted

Are you a nursery or grower interested in participating in Bloom! California? We have just a few spots left. Sign up today!